Friday, May 22, 2009

Sudan Population census decided but dose everyone agree!!!!

Here we go again with the debates!!!!!



Recently Sudan population census has been decided to be around 39,154,490 but it seems that there is a lot of controversial issues arising from this census.

a very informative Article From Sudan Tribune states

The total of Sudan’s population is 39,154,490, with 8,260,490 living in the south, 21 percent of the national population, Central Bureau of Statistics head Yassin Al-Haj Abdin announced today in a press conference.

Khartoum’s population is estimated at 5,074,321 followed by South Darfur state at 4,039,594; Al Jazeera state is in the third place with 3,575,280 followed by North Kordofan with 2,920,992.

According to the announced census result, some 520,000 southern Sudanese are living in the north.

     It was said that alot of sudanese political activist are rejecting this census and pointed out that it is not reliable. Sudan First Vice President Salva Kiir stated that he was “unhappy and unsatisfied with the census results”.

The National Congress Party (NCP) official Ibrahim Ghandour responded quickly to Kiir saying that the election law has determined that constituencies will be based on population.

     this debate seams to continue while other political parties such as the Umma party or the Democratic Unionist Party are on the observation seat. of course this is not the first time the NCP and the SPLM are in the arena for the other parties to watch the ferrous debate. now what really made my head spin is that the news of this population census is not widely found on the net, even not  talked about in Sudan national TV as if it was meant to be that way. i am really grateful to Sudantribune for there articles and it is wonderful to at least find reliable information on the net. but the main job should be for the Sudan national TV to talk about these issues not to just over pass it and forget about it and not mention anything about it expect on the news broadcast. of course the census can lead to lots of changes in the compressive peace agreement because it is a key factor in the distribution of power and wealth according to population.

     As the debate continues on this issue there is an important factor this is surfacing up in the news and that is there is a need for trust between parties in Sudan. this trust doesn't come easily and i know that, but i believe in order to enforce this trust the two side that are playing the major roll in this CPA should work together more constructively not assuming that each party is an entity by it self. i believe the first step to having this trust is including the Sudanese people in the debate by the means of media sources that normal Sudanese citizen receive there information from. i guess Sudan TV has to rethink again about what they need to broadcast about to us not what they want to broadcast about to us.  so here i end it,please feel free to shear you thoughts and correction on this article or this issue.

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