Tuesday, January 19, 2010

China in Africa and it effect on the Sudan.

feature-china-africa-300_tcm18-140972China has become Sudan largest trade partner for the last past years, it is starting many project in Africa targeting natural resources such as oil. here is a view about China involvement in the Sudan. China is involved in many countries in Africa, such as Sudan, Zambia, Algeria and Nigeria.  they are for sure dumping defected products in the Sudan as i have been there and seen the level of product they are providing for the Sudanese people, it is by far low price with a guaranteed of usage of 1 time only. At the end the sudanese goverment should have standard to prevent china from dumping these defected product in the sudan, we need to have a standard to quality mangment the same we had 20 year ago not the one we have now.  Rizkhan from Aljazeera has a wonderful debate about this issue.




Feel free to comment and tell me what you think, if you are from Africa tell me what china is doing in your country.

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