Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sudan: Empowering the Middle Class


     Image Source: Washington Post

     while surfing the net, a Friend of mine from GV send me this article posts titled The Ugly Election, it was interesting reading it and for sure it was well informative for me and my studies on the current election in the Sudan.  i like the part where the blogger states

Our voters fall into two main categories. Category A is those who have, of necessity or opportunism, joined the loyalty parade. This includes almost all rural voters whose services and livelihoods require government beneficence. It includes anyone who may need a license to trade. These voters will vote NCP, and the uglier the candidate, the more likely they will vote him in, because the ugliest representative is likely to be the one seated closest to the president and his minions.
Category B is those who have neither material interest nor personal proclivity for this kind of politics. Most of them did not register and most of those who registered did not vote. Observing the trickle of voters at the polling stations last week I would guess that the male population under the age of thirty belongs in its near entirety to category B.

Abd Alwahab (bloggers name)  point out an important factor in this election, that is who control the income of more then half of the Sudanese population that live on rural areas, who sometimes pumps water to them so that they can farm, who has a sole monopoly over  seeds distribution so they can be able to farm the next season, who has the money to buys there product so that they can live another day, who at the end tax them when they finish farming so that they are allowed to farm the next season and finally who can stop all of these necessary commodities needed by them and has the power to do it. it is very interesting and sad how these basic needs link a person opinion to his country future and his family as a whole. that Maslow's hierarchy of needs for you right there!!!.

this Reminds me of Thomas Jefferson quotes when he said

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

-Thomas Jefferson-


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