Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Microsoft decided no more MSN Messenger for Sudan. Why?!

Windows_Live_Messenger Microsoft Corporation has decided to turn off it MSN messenger services in Sudan. this move could lead to lots of Sudanese resident not being able to talk to there relatives abroad. MSN massager is popular in Sudan and lots of Sudanese people rely on it to communicate between there families and friends. To be honest I was shocked by this news but most of all I was very sad, why because this move is no different than what the Sudanese government does when it wants to censorship some sites or a program. Sudan is a country that has been ravaged by war for over 25 years this led to so many Sudanese people living abroad, these so-called Diaspora leaving abroad have many ways to communicate with each other, but as new generation of Sudanese people started to use the Internet they started to communicate using the Internet, so lots of these Diaspora are communicating with their loved ones and families and friends using Microsoft messenger. Now as far as I know this move was done by Microsoft because of the sanctions that are imposed on sudan. I have several questions concerning this decision. dose Microsoft things that the Sudanese government is secretly using Microsoft messenger to attack Sudanese citizens in Darfur (i am being sarcastic here). I am a big fan of Microsoft , I love most of their products and i use a lot of them but this action  is just out of context ,  this sort of  action is done by regimes that do want to censorship site and program from their citizens such as Sudan and china and this list goes on but not Microsoft.


I hope that Microsoft knows that Most of the people who use Microsoft messenger are just Ordinary Sudanese People Who love Microsoft messenger And therefore use it. Now I don't know what will happen next maybe Yahoo messenger will stop it service or maybe other messengers will also stop their service or maybe the next time we will see Hotmail stopping its service because after all Hotmail belongs to Microsoft. I believe we are in an age where information technology is democratizing the world. Lots of Sudanese people learn about the outside world through channels and the Internet they don't learn about the outside world through the Sudanese national television.

Speaking of the Sudanese national television there is a joke about it, a famous joke about it, a joke that while I'm typing this I cannot stop laughing when I'm thinking about it.This joke is popular in the Middle many people know about it, in fact you might have heard about it.

The joke is

If a wife is somehow angered by her husband she would lock him inside a room and inside the room she would put one thing, that would be a television and she will open the television to one channel that channel would be the Sudanese national channel. i guess you would know why. if you do not know why i  recommend you to asking a Sudanese person what he thinks of the national television

Hint: People in Sudan don't watch the Sudanese national television

  people in Sudan learn about the outside world by watching channels such as  alarabia or Al Jazeera or BBC but they also learn about the outside world through websites that shows them that the outside world really knows about what is happening inside Sudan. This I believe can create a bond of understanding between the Sudanese people and outside world, now I don't want to picture this as Sudan being a country in another planet but some of the news channels that are in Sudan do not portray what is really the opinion of the World About what is happening in Darfur or what is happening in Sudan as a whole. As for this move I hope that Microsoft would reconsider its banning of its service in Sudan because after all I really want to talk to my friends back home.

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