Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sudan Oil Minster: Support Sudan Unity

in an article that i have read lately, the new Minster of oil  in sudan stated some key point he believes in and pointed out some important issues that are part of the SPL Movement in the Sudan.  he talked about the memories he had with the late founder of the 2005 CPA of the sudan, John Garang de Mabior who many  believed was a big supporter of a united Sudan. Sudan’s oil minister criticizes secessionist voices, supports unity. stated some key point to all the Sudanese from the north and the from the south who support secessionist to rethink there thoughts again and consider the risk that might come from a divided Sudan. some of the well written point are

"I’m a unionist in the footsteps of a unitary leader [late SPLM leader] John Garang de Mabior. We studied for PhD together at the University of Iowa. But I consider myself his disciple. The reason for this was that I was, initially, a separatist. But Garang convinced me on the virtues of one Sudan," Deng said in an interview with the London based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper during his private visit to Washington.

"He [Garang] used to say to me; look at the Americans they have whites, blacks, browns and yellows. They fought a civil war, and faced many problems but they insisted on the unity of the United States. Today, they have a great model for all the world in pluralism, racial and religious tolerance," he added.

other point

"I used to be a separatist, but I grew up and learned and I am convinced that unity is better than separation for the North, and for the South. I hope the same thing [change in views] for young Southerners in America who want to secede. I tell them do not sit here [in America], and issue verdicts from over there. I tell them, please, do not open doors to a new war. I ask them, are you going to Sudan to fight, if war broke out again or sit here under air conditioners in America?" he asked.

and a finally pointing to the number of Southerner who are working in the national unity government,

The Southern figure said that the people of South are already ruling their own with a substantial presence in the federal government with opportunities not even available for Northerners.

"What do we [Southerners] want more than that?" Deng asked.

now a clear point should be stated here, i think that even thought there are many participating political parties in the national unity government, that dose not mean that everything is working out well or for the best, some of these ministries either held by the NCP or the other political parties don't have that much direct effect on the well being of the people of the Sudan when they should have the most direct effect on the lives of the people to make the sudan a better place for all.


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