Monday, June 1, 2009

We all can be a role model for the middle east, Can we ?!!


     Yes we all can!!!. I believe that the Middle East is in need of new faces,of new role models and of new ideas. These new role models need to not give up the prospect of changing the Middle East, changing the way we view the world, changing the way we think about the future, changing who we blame for our shortcomings, for not being on the forefront of innovation and development, changing the prospect of remembering the past but also not holding tight to it, changing the prospect of looking at the future and not assuming that it is too late for change. we still have a generation that believes in the past, that believes in all the glories and civilizations and innovations that the Middle East had.

     I believe that one of the problems that we have in the Middle East is that we always tend to look to the past, we always talk about the past civilizations, about how the Middle East contributed to science and innovation. We always talk about how algebra origins comes from  Middle Eastern. We always talk about our contributions to science in the past, but all of this stops when we want to talk about the present, when we want to talk about the future when we want to talk about change. Yes we were, yes we were in the past .

     Now we are not, now we are not at the forefront of innovation, now we are not at the forefront of science & education and definitely now we are not at the forefront of civilization. We need to start looking at facts, we need to start looking at the present, and in fact the present draws an ugly picture of itself for the middle east. In the present some countries in the Middle East have some of the highest illiteracy rates around the world. We have some countries in the Middle East who have some of the lowest GDP and income per capita. we have some countries with the a very low educational level.We have some of the highest number of conflict zone in the world or i guess we are holding the title of having the highest number of conflict zone in the world. from Palestine and Israel conflict, to the current conflict in Darfur, Sudan and the list goes on. But that's not all of it, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Yes we need role models in the Middle East but we need them to look at the present not the past we need them to accept that there is this ugly picture of the Middle East that requires new perspective, new ideas, and foremost new mindset. We need them to look for our similarities and accept our differences.that requires us to accepts it and work with it and to find solution to mitigate it. Because it seems that whenever we look at the middle east, we always look for our differences.Tell me what you think, do we really need new role models or do we already have them???

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