Thursday, April 1, 2010

NCP tries to blackmail the SPLM in public by election = referendum formula


The NCP has declare that if SPLM withdraw itself from this election or try to call for a postponing of the election that it would not agree on the 2011 CPA referendum for South Sudan. I guess this remained me of the elementary school scenario which goes like this, if you don’t let me play with your toy I would not let you play with my toy and for sure the way this election is going it is clear that it is one person toy only, one party, i will let you guess that. on the other hand this blackmailing is sure to make the SPLM outraged because the referendum is an agreement under the CPA done between the NCP and the SPLM with the mentoring of the UN. Wavering it out like that makes it a simple agreement in the eyes of the NCP to breach the agreement and jeopardizing the agreement to even returning to square number one.

here are some statement stated by the NCP current ruling party.

"If the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) refuses to hold elections then we will refuse to hold the referendum," he said during a campaign speech in Khartoum.

"We will not accept a delay to the elections not even for one day,"

"There was no agreement on the agenda to be raised to the presidency," Abdallah Masar, an advisor to Bashir, told Reuters late on Monday.
"There are differences over the elections -- the NCP says the elections must happen on time," he added.


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