Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt Internet blackout continuous amidst fierce demonstration

on January 28, Egypt one of the middle east largest populated country witnessed a full blackout of internet access from all ISP in Egypt. some say this step was made to lower the chance for demonstrators to communicate with each other on social sites such as facebook or twitter. some say it is the result of censoring information,photos and clips from being posted on video shearing or blogs around the net such as youtube or bloggers. but all of these opinion agree that the internet had played a vital role in starting the first spark to what is happening in Egypt today. we have to remember that as Tunisian wore out in the street protesting, there fellow country men wore on the net protesting and updating the world with photos, clips and information that have tweeted or blogged information about the protest to the world even faster and more consistent then some of the world most famous news channels. this is what is happening in Egypt today. lets wait and see what will happened next!!!!


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At July 6, 2011 at 1:24 AM , Anonymous forum widget said...

Wow, what an extreme move. Cutting off millions of their online access? That's plain brutality. I hope their lives have improved since that week.


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