Friday, January 28, 2011

Will Egypt make another Yasmine Revolution in Africa


for the past several days, Egypt have witness demonstration in many part of Cairo which lead to internet censorship and internet blackout . in my post about two weeks ago, titled Tunisia and the African-middle east dilemma, where i have mentioned that Africa might be entering a new year that will bring many new surprises, interesting as it might sound, Egypt is witnessing the second biggest day of protesting in it recent history, lets hope this what is happening in Egypt today will teach many of the other regimes that are around the middle east and Africa that this generation will not keep silent, that this generation will speak up for change and i think change is coming. The question now is will what is happening in eygpt right now produce or give birth to a new Yasmine Revolution that rivals that which happened in Tunisia at the beginning of this year. well i guess time will tell it all.



i would like to end my post with this tweet that i found on twitter while tracking the demonstration news

“"Egyptian Christians said they will guard the Muslims from the police while they on Friday Pray." Amazing solidarity. #Egypt #Jan25


Today is friday,, it seems Egyptian from both religion Muslim and Christian are in unity as always to march during this demonstration. Egypt's always will surprise you. what a wonderful land and what a wonderful and peaceful people.

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