Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finding Nemo in Sudan by the Red Sea!!!


     PortSudan is the main port of Sudan. There in the red sea you can go scuba diving,sightsee the wonderful scenery, or even do some fishing. The red sea is known for many things but I didn't know that Nemo lives there. Yes Nemo. I guess that why there was a shark in finding nemo Animation movie, by the way the red sea is known to have sharks too, now this I know, I know it had sharks but not Nemo. After all Sudan is part of Nemo’s home. I think they first nickname the anemone fish aka clownfish Nemo in Finding Nemo animation movie, it seems maybe the name Nemo comes from anemone where a,n and one e is removed and the rest is rearranged to Nemo but after all that just my guess. I have added a clip that I saw about anemone blow.

Special thank to the person who uploaded the clip to YouTube. Thank you


Amazing facts about Anemone fish aka Clown fish aka Nemo. from here by referred to by Nemo

Anemone is the name of a sea polyp where Nemo and his family can live safely and happily from other fish EXCEPT FROM THE EVIL HUMANS.

Nemo fish has what might be called symbiosis relation with sea Anemone in the sea by which

1. Nemo lives in the Sea Anemone and has immunity against the Anemone poisonous tentacles.

2. Nemo fish usually venture around the sea Anemone and bring back food in forum of predator so that Anemone use it poisonous tentacles to attach it and then eat it.

3. It is said that if a Nemo is lost in sea or doesn’t find his sea Anemone(home) he has high chance of dying.

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At June 14, 2009 at 3:29 AM , Blogger Brownie said...

oh that is very interesting, why u don't write about the places we could visit when we go to sudan?
i have never been there and i may go this summer inshaallah and with no much encourging from the government for tourism, me and millions like me may not consider it for a vacation, athough i know it has great potential

At June 14, 2009 at 4:40 AM , Blogger SudanGuardian said...

hi there brownie, well that's a good idea, infact i was thinking about that alot,i will write a post about some of the places i think would be nice to visit when someone visits Sudan. for example portsudan for scuba diving and other places for sightseeing. i will post that soon. thanks for the idea :)


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