Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Upcoming Sudanese election and The Compressive peace agreement Past, Present and the Future expectation

a debate between SPLM and the NCP ruling parties of the Sudan has been broadcasted in Aljazeera channel Inside story, both are main partner in the CPA Compressive peace agreement. Both agreed to stay in power for the years from 2005 to the upcoming election year in 2010, this in which there would be a democratic election to elect the new government. the debate talks about the result of the census, electoral law and the CPA agreement. i have posted a post about the census previously because i think this might cause a problem in the future because there is no full agreement as to the legitimacy of the census from the SPLM side. keeping in mind that the census effect the future distribution of power and wealth distribution. hence the argument of it legitimacy from the SPLM party.


the debate touches on key points in the CPA agreement but the main point i think is that the need to include other parties that are part of the National alliance to try to resolve the situation for the upcoming next year election. it is clear that both side is trying to get the best of the CPA agreement but there is an important point that is overshadowed by this agreement which is the absent of other political parties in Sudan and the Darfur conflict that is still in need to be resolved.these upcoming month are crucial times for the peace process and for the upcoming election in 2010.

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