Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt we congratulate you and salute you for inspiring us

Source: Getty Images

Egypt and the Sudan have always been known as the lower and upper Nile valley states that have so much in common. Sudanese that live in Egypt feel that they are living in their own country, this also apply for Egyptian in the Sudan. What happened in Egypt this Friday is not a victory for the people of Egypt alone but a victory for the whole Middle East and Africa. Egypt has set the stage for more to come and in doing so inspire a new generation of young people to voice their opinion online and offline where ever they are. Many people around the Middle East went out to congratulate the Egyptian people for their victory. As a Sudanese I would like to say, Egypt thank you for wakening up the youth and inspiring us for a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that we can shape and create.

Thank you Egypt for a wonderful 18 day of inspiration, resistance, and overall the smell of freedom in the air.