Saturday, May 26, 2012

“Mr. president won't u tell me why do i have to put up with all the lies”

Wonderful song, I am really proud of this production from a young Sudanese singer, looking forward to hearing more of his song.



Mr. president
won't u tell me why
do i have to put
up with all the lies
Promises you made
for a better life
they were all in vain
i see my people die

good days are gone
what are you waiting for
why can't we we stop
this never ending war
tell my brothers rise
cuz we're moving on
we'll together sing
revolution songs


I look around
i see a part of me
went the other way
tell me what's it like
to be an NCP
wanted by the ICC
provoking animosity
there's no CPA
and now the fight is on
what does it really take
for us to get along
tell my brothers rise
cuz we're moving on
we'll together sing
revolution songs


I'll fight i'll fight with all i got
I'll never ever gonna stop
god knows that i've been through a lot
not anymore, not anymore
now that i got a chance to tell the world
ana Sudani

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A story about Sudanese family in the Sudanese border

There is a belief that South Sudan and North Sudan are two different countries and that the people who are living in these two different countries have two different beliefs two different ways of looking at things and to different race. It is believed or what the media portrays that the Sudan has Arabs living in the North and African living in the South. And that the conflict in the Sudan is solely/mainly based on race and religion. But there is more to that than what meets the eye, there is more to that than you hear or watch in the news. What many of these people don't know is that the Sudan is a country that has the Nile River crossing from the South's up to the North and more to Egypt. So ever since the dawn of history many people have traveled up north and many people have traveled down south. They exchange of goods along the Nile River. And many people who lived in the North have came down to live the South's and vice versa so the exchange of cultures and the exchange of people between different areas in North Sudan in South Sudan has been and was there ever since the dawn of history. So when you divide a country between North and South's Sudan you are not just dividing the border you are dividing the people, they are people who are not fully from the south and people who are not fully from the North if we can consider that the southern people have their own characteristic and the northern people have their own characteristic, there are people who just considered himself to be Sudanese they do not divide themselves by south,North,East or West they just consider themselves Sudanese and I think that is the most important issue. What's very interesting is the portrayal of the media that the North is mainly Muslim and the South's is mainly Christian. But the truth is that there are many Christians in the North and there are many Muslim in the South. So the whole notion that the Sudan problem is a problem that is based on race or religion is not totally true. Corruption and embezzlement and the absence of the rule of law is the main culprit. I hope by explaining this point I have gave a small gleams of what is happening in my home country of Sudan. Looking forward to writing more.

Interesting perspective about the Middle East in 10 years

While surfing the net I came across this YouTube clip of niall ferguson who is famous for writing the book title civilization: the West and the rest. Well I'll leave you to watch the clip and if you have any comments please feel free to post them.

Looking forward to writing more

Greeting everyone,

it has been a while since I last posted on my blog, and many things have happened in the Sudan ever since, I have been keeping track of the recent events that are happening in the border between south and the North of Sudan. The tension between south and North is being fueled even more with the recent events that are happening in South kordofan. i look forward to writing more about this topic as I think it is a very important topic for many people to know about. Even many Sudanese do not know a lots of information about what is happening in South kordofan except of what we hear in the in news. I look forward to writing more soon. Wishing you all the best