Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tunisia then Egypt what is next…. Could it be Sudan


will Sudan witness a public uprising such as the one it has witnessed when it uprooted the late president Gafar Nimary in 1985 by a public uprising, it seems that the tension are on high alert in many middle eastern and African state, i am even sensing a large masses of twitters and facebook updates and  writing about young Sudanese people preparing for a peaceful protest would be called Sudan protest day, the protest did not start yet but it is expected to start today. as the below photos state “for The Sudanese youth a word (To keep or say) , many are expecting Sudan to be the next to get hit by this wave of protest fever that is sweeping across the middle east and Africa.


Facebook groups such as شبــاب لأجـل الـتـغيـــر·.»شـــرارة which translate to youth for change: the Spark, and tweets bearing the hashtag #sudan state a lot of this upcoming event. some twitters and facebook group go far as to teach ways to overcome the blocking of sites such as facebook or twitter by proxy servers. o well i guess i will soon update this post, very soon. keep clicking and feel free to comment.

Egypt Internet blackout continuous amidst fierce demonstration

on January 28, Egypt one of the middle east largest populated country witnessed a full blackout of internet access from all ISP in Egypt. some say this step was made to lower the chance for demonstrators to communicate with each other on social sites such as facebook or twitter. some say it is the result of censoring information,photos and clips from being posted on video shearing or blogs around the net such as youtube or bloggers. but all of these opinion agree that the internet had played a vital role in starting the first spark to what is happening in Egypt today. we have to remember that as Tunisian wore out in the street protesting, there fellow country men wore on the net protesting and updating the world with photos, clips and information that have tweeted or blogged information about the protest to the world even faster and more consistent then some of the world most famous news channels. this is what is happening in Egypt today. lets wait and see what will happened next!!!!


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Friday, January 28, 2011

Will Egypt make another Yasmine Revolution in Africa


for the past several days, Egypt have witness demonstration in many part of Cairo which lead to internet censorship and internet blackout . in my post about two weeks ago, titled Tunisia and the African-middle east dilemma, where i have mentioned that Africa might be entering a new year that will bring many new surprises, interesting as it might sound, Egypt is witnessing the second biggest day of protesting in it recent history, lets hope this what is happening in Egypt today will teach many of the other regimes that are around the middle east and Africa that this generation will not keep silent, that this generation will speak up for change and i think change is coming. The question now is will what is happening in eygpt right now produce or give birth to a new Yasmine Revolution that rivals that which happened in Tunisia at the beginning of this year. well i guess time will tell it all.



i would like to end my post with this tweet that i found on twitter while tracking the demonstration news

“"Egyptian Christians said they will guard the Muslims from the police while they on Friday Pray." Amazing solidarity. #Egypt #Jan25


Today is friday,, it seems Egyptian from both religion Muslim and Christian are in unity as always to march during this demonstration. Egypt's always will surprise you. what a wonderful land and what a wonderful and peaceful people.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Tunisia and the Middle East Plane Rescue Scheme

life has it own way of dealing with deferent people and teaching other people to learn from other people mistake!!. i guess the smartest of us are those who learn from there mistake but also learn from other people mistake before it is too late. i guess many authoritarian regime in the middle east and africa have been feeling a pinch lately after the incident of the toppleing of president bin ali of Tunisia. i hoped to shear this clip with everyone, enjoy and tell me what you think!!
NOTE: an english subtitle is shown in the bottom of the screen(look carefully) enjoy !!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tunisia and the African-MiddleEast dilemma!!

For a month Tunisia has been witnessing a public uprising that has witness events such as riots, demonstration and even young people suiciding, it seems as if it is a new call for the people of Africa and the middle east in the beginning of this year 2011. the question that should be asked is, could this riot in Tunisia that has lead to the uprooting of a 23 years ruling president Bu Ali and lead him to fle the country help instigate the same action by other people in other countries in the middle east and Africa. i believe it can, after all many of these countries did have public uprising by the people to overthrow regime that wore oppressive and had nothing to do with respecting human rights. i guess this years is a year that Africa is receiving its first and foremost valuable gift of speaking up against oppression wherever it is and of calling out for a new era, an era where people lives are respected and there dignity is secure. the fact that is in the beginning of the years gives it a holiday mood i guess :) oh well happy new year Africa!!!! ......

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rebel Attacks even before the Referendum starts

Reading the news today, i was hoping everything would go smoothly, but it seems that thing are not going the way everyone wants them to. rebels from the South started attacking the current SPLM army in the south the in the eve of the referendum and several people got killed. i hope this violence ends here and is not cared on to spark an internal war within the south or even another civil war between the south and the north. the South has been witnessing a lot of internal conflict ever since the 2005 peace agreement and this has cost a lot of lives. hopefully this would not grow up to a full flagged internal civil war. as a person from the north, i also believe that even if the south choice to establish there own state, it would be better for both states not to have any internal conflict because that would lead to even greater trouble for the north and the south. lets hope things are settling down for now and not many conflict starts within the upcoming days. check out the below link for more info.

Monday, January 3, 2011

5 days left for Sudan's Referendum and everyone is waiting!

on January 9, South Sudan Citizen will go out to the polls to vote for the choice of unity or separation. as i read many of the Diaspora comment on the net and there thoughts and talked to some of my friend back home. everyone is wondering about the results. some are saying separation is for sure and some do have hope for a united Sudan. i think the question is not united or separated sudan. the question that should be ask is will everyone accepts the results. that is the key to this referendum. the result would be either separation of unity but Sudanese from the north and south need to work together to accepts the result and not lead the country into another civil war that for sure this time would be even more catastrophic then the one before. both side are ready and waiting for the final day lets hope that we as Sudanese could work together to accepts the result no matter what it is and prevent the country from going into a civil war that would take back the country backward in history more then it is......