Monday, July 30, 2012

System Down and the Sudanese Revolution

the Sudanese Protesters movement is still going on, even thought the Sudanese government has decided to go back on it recent decision to increase electricity prices, more information about that check the fallowing link.,43397

Also new songs are coming out here is a new song from nas jota, enjoy. I don't know what next Friday is going to be called but the movement is still going on and it seems that protesters are not stopping soon. more information about the revolution is from twitter at  hash tag #sudanrevolts.

Friday, June 29, 2012

sudan is for sure talking about a revolution

talking about a revolution

the tables are for sure starting to turn in the sudan, it is about time!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sudan Youth United for a brighter tomorrow


As a Sudanese i am well aware of the power the is within our youth, we are a large part of the Sudanese society, we are the future of Sudan and we are the teacher of the next generation. it is in our duty to protect our right and there rights and our freedom and there freedom and only in that we can be able to build a better Sudan for all.  i just want to tell the Sudanese youth, as i am part of them, i am sure that we will not let anyone tell us what we cannot do. I will make more clips soon.

#sudanrevolts #sudan

Sudanese Guardian
more clip soon

Saturday, June 23, 2012

this what happens to a riot police car when they try to oppress protesters…

I just saw this clip, it is in the dam area in Khartoum, Sudan. the protester are protecting themselves from the police and attacking the police car with stones.

check out the next clip to see what happened to the car after a while. the Sudanese riot police better know the people of Sudan are ready for there revolution, they better learn this as it makes there job easier, which is clearing up the way for the protester to demand there rights.

more post coming soon

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Song for the Sudanese Revolts LA (DictatorShip) Music Video لا للديكتاتورية

wonderful new song has been released to the net recently, large Synergy between Sudanese singer and the youth movement, I really respect the Solidarity shown from each side.

more post soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Egyptian youth show solidary with Sudanese Youth Movement

just recently while checking several tweets, I came across this photo of young Egyptian protester that are protesting in front of the Sudanese embassy in Cairo, they are stating there support for the Sudanese youth movement in Sudan.


translation: (Freedom for Sudan “Sudan is free”) ( from the Egyptian uprising people greeting and solidarity with the Sudanese upursing)



translation: freedom to all detainees

one of the people who is protesting just tweeted

Ahmad H. Aggour@Psypherize

We're about 20 people here at #Sudan's Embassy. Yalla come join us.#Egypt #SudanRevolts

Thank you egypt youth movement for wonderful support you show the youth movement in sudan.

Syrian Youth Message to Sudanese Youth we are with you.

while surfing the net I came across this photo in several Sudanese youth group on Facebook and on other site. the support of Syrian youth movement to the Sudanese youth movement is growing and I am sensing the increase in solidarity between the two countries against corruption, dictatorship and persecution.

before we had several clip of Sudanese youth protesting in Sudan in support of the youth movement in Syria and now we are seeing the same support from Syrian youth group for the Sudanese youth movement.


The poster says “ Sudanese Student “youth” Sudanese Youth Right Movement the Syrian uprising is supporting you and with you until the end (until death)

we are also with you Syria and support your movement for democracy and social justice.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

protest starts in Sudan capital Khartoum and other cities in Sudan

protest started in several areas in Sudan, a youtube clip show, I hear of news stating the police even entered as usual the main campus in Khartoum university and several people were arrested. several universities had protesters in them

Khartoum University

Omdurman Alahaliya university


Sudan University

Sudan University


interesting the the increase of usage of music for youth to voice there opinion, this is another song made by youth about Sudan current regime

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sudanese Official are complaining to the UN expert on the UN last Report on Human rights in Sudan

by khalid Albaih

Cartoon about corruption in sudan by by khalid Albaih

    it is truly funny when a group of government official are made to say what the system want them to say even when they know deep down in there heart that what they are saying is totally wrong. funny and very sad indeed. recently I read an article titled “Official complains to visiting UN expert against human rights reports on Sudan” about Sudanese government official complaining about the Human right Report that has been released about Sudan.  it is funny when all they got is complaining and they cannot take action on helping there own country, a country which up today has one of the most corrupted government on the face of the world, check out this article Corruption index 2011 from Transparency International.

here is an interesting clip, I am looking for the translation if possible

the clip states,  64 governmental organization are not included in the general inspection on corruption that is done in the Sudan, Sudan has a rate of 56% of illiteracy, out of the national spending 77% goes to defense and security service, 2% on health, and 0.03% goes to education. well to this I have not comment I guess numbers speak for themself

Saturday, May 26, 2012

“Mr. president won't u tell me why do i have to put up with all the lies”

Wonderful song, I am really proud of this production from a young Sudanese singer, looking forward to hearing more of his song.



Mr. president
won't u tell me why
do i have to put
up with all the lies
Promises you made
for a better life
they were all in vain
i see my people die

good days are gone
what are you waiting for
why can't we we stop
this never ending war
tell my brothers rise
cuz we're moving on
we'll together sing
revolution songs


I look around
i see a part of me
went the other way
tell me what's it like
to be an NCP
wanted by the ICC
provoking animosity
there's no CPA
and now the fight is on
what does it really take
for us to get along
tell my brothers rise
cuz we're moving on
we'll together sing
revolution songs


I'll fight i'll fight with all i got
I'll never ever gonna stop
god knows that i've been through a lot
not anymore, not anymore
now that i got a chance to tell the world
ana Sudani

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A story about Sudanese family in the Sudanese border

There is a belief that South Sudan and North Sudan are two different countries and that the people who are living in these two different countries have two different beliefs two different ways of looking at things and to different race. It is believed or what the media portrays that the Sudan has Arabs living in the North and African living in the South. And that the conflict in the Sudan is solely/mainly based on race and religion. But there is more to that than what meets the eye, there is more to that than you hear or watch in the news. What many of these people don't know is that the Sudan is a country that has the Nile River crossing from the South's up to the North and more to Egypt. So ever since the dawn of history many people have traveled up north and many people have traveled down south. They exchange of goods along the Nile River. And many people who lived in the North have came down to live the South's and vice versa so the exchange of cultures and the exchange of people between different areas in North Sudan in South Sudan has been and was there ever since the dawn of history. So when you divide a country between North and South's Sudan you are not just dividing the border you are dividing the people, they are people who are not fully from the south and people who are not fully from the North if we can consider that the southern people have their own characteristic and the northern people have their own characteristic, there are people who just considered himself to be Sudanese they do not divide themselves by south,North,East or West they just consider themselves Sudanese and I think that is the most important issue. What's very interesting is the portrayal of the media that the North is mainly Muslim and the South's is mainly Christian. But the truth is that there are many Christians in the North and there are many Muslim in the South. So the whole notion that the Sudan problem is a problem that is based on race or religion is not totally true. Corruption and embezzlement and the absence of the rule of law is the main culprit. I hope by explaining this point I have gave a small gleams of what is happening in my home country of Sudan. Looking forward to writing more.

Interesting perspective about the Middle East in 10 years

While surfing the net I came across this YouTube clip of niall ferguson who is famous for writing the book title civilization: the West and the rest. Well I'll leave you to watch the clip and if you have any comments please feel free to post them.

Looking forward to writing more

Greeting everyone,

it has been a while since I last posted on my blog, and many things have happened in the Sudan ever since, I have been keeping track of the recent events that are happening in the border between south and the North of Sudan. The tension between south and North is being fueled even more with the recent events that are happening in South kordofan. i look forward to writing more about this topic as I think it is a very important topic for many people to know about. Even many Sudanese do not know a lots of information about what is happening in South kordofan except of what we hear in the in news. I look forward to writing more soon. Wishing you all the best

Sunday, April 29, 2012

the truth behind the conflict between Sudan and south Sudan.

the whole issue that is rising now between sudan and south sudan in south kordofan and Nuba mountain is just the old conflict between the NCP and the SPLM redone in new conflict. this is a nice cartoon that show cast the conflict.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Radio + mobile phone(SMS) = increase in E-participation

Competition boosts mobile market
the increase in mobile phone usage in Africa has never been witnessed by any other technology in africa, mobile phones have spread at a very fast speed and have entered into the life and fabric of many of  Africans today. we are faced with an important question, can we be able to use this technology accelerate  development and good governance in Africa? can we be able to encourage e-participation from citizens, can this help in connecting people and bridge the digital divide.  mobile telephony, which by now there are evident that state that it is going to grow even more in the upcoming years in Africa is a tool that could be a powerful tool for Africa to be able to connect and benefit from the advantage that mobile telephony brings into a society.
Source: blycroft
as we have witnessed lately some of there usage in recent event such as those witnessed in Tunis, Egypt and now in Yemen and Syria.
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some perspective even stated that such technology as mobile and the internet even changed the perspective of many young people in how they can voice there opinion with out violent means, such as the usage of peaceful protest Vs. the usage of violent act. we also know that they are becoming a important channel for many citizen who want to transfer money to there friends, families and loved ones. even now the usage of radio + SMS is empowering citizen to voice there opinion on social and political issues and increase Dialogue on governance issues in Africa. as we all know that the number of smart phone in Africa are not that high compared to none smart phone devices, so the usage of such simple thing as SMS could help bridge the gap between connectivity and affordability interim of allowing citizen to voice there opinion online. a good example of how SMS services are playing a role in connecting government with citizen (mobile governance or M-governance)  is a software that is called FrontlineSMS:Radio is a software that is programmed to help listener of radio to interact with radio station via SMS.  article that talks about FrontlineSMS and Governance can be read here  the article also talk about Mo ibrahim one of the most famous telecommunication entrepreneur in Africa, and the founder of Mo ibrahim foundation for good governance. from the emergence of software such as the one stated above there seems to be a growing number of initiatives to increase citizen awareness of such tools and the internet and mobile phone so that they are able to empower themselves to voice there opinion online and collaborate in producing the services that they at the end themselves need. after all governments are meant to serve the people need not the other way around. as we are entering this stage of collaboration in some African states, i hope that many of these African state government official see these new tools as an opportunity to interact with citizen of there respected states not as a threat that should be remove. these tools can help a lot in developing a system where people can interact with each other and work together on projects and task that benefit the country they live in.